Gift of Life

Livestock ambassadors are animals that have been taken from the rearing system because of different causes, their durable and safe home with the promise of decent life to natural death have been found in various locations in Slovenia. Through stories that speak of their lives as they should have lived forever (without human exploitation for meat, milk, eggs, wool…), they raise awareness of who the most overlooked and the eyes of the hidden animals are and demonstrate that they do not differ in any way from the animals We have let them into our vicinity and we cultivate our loving feelings and respect. We are convinced that they will change your view of the world.

The most beautiful gift

“It’s a great feeling, when a living creature that has tasted only pain so far, you’re allowing him to know the beautiful side of life.” And only with a few euros a month. “

Sita´s guardian

Become The Guardian

Maybe you’ve wanted an animal all your life, but you don’t have room for it, make sure the animals are cows, pigs… when they live in a way that fits their species? Or did you simply want to do something good for animals on which almost no one thinks? Now you have to become the godfather of one of the saved animals of your choice. With the monthly amount you can do yourself, you will help buy food, veterinary care, repair of the shelter and all that the animal needs to live a decent life.

In return, you will receive a document on the botany, and your adopor is to be sent to you from your home.

1. How do I become the godfather of an individual animal?

Once you have decided that you will be godfather, let us at email botrstvo@nikina-prijazna-vas.si please tell:

* Which animals would want to be godfather-all the animals that are in the program of Botany are presented in this section.

* How long do you want to be a godfather (we ask you to take the paperwork and the extra part for at least 6 months of sponsoring).

* The amount by which you will help monthly

Within 7 days after receipt of the transfer, you will receive a document on the sponsoring of your chosen animal. We will be happy to write down your address as we want you to send us some attention from time to time as a thank you for standing by.

2. Am I the only godfather of an animal?

We hope, we believe, and we want to not, because with the program of The Godfather and because of him we can exist, saved animals live a decent life to natural death.

3. Can I visit my chosen animal as well?

Your protégé/shopper will, of course, also be happy to meet your personal encounters with your godfather so that they can be met live.

4. Time-duration of the botrism?

Because of all the bureaucratic matters, we ask you to be the godfather of an individual animal for at least 6 months.

All funds are intended solely for the welfare of animals in accordance with our mission.

Where do I transfer my monthly contribution?

You can transfer your monthly contribution to

TRR: SI56 6100 0001 9069 383 Pripis: botrstvo “animal name” (can also be arranged by a perer); Institute Nikina Nice to you, Gregorčičeva 40, Radenci

or via

PAYPAL: nika@nikina-prijazna-vas.si (Pripis-botrstvo “animal name”)

Really thanks for the support,

and Welcome to our great family:)

Moma – Our gentle 13 year old cow, who spent her first 12 years of life with a chain around her neck chained in one place…
After 12 years, she first saw the sun and the sky and made her first steps. Now take care of your youngest calf Niko that they too do not troublemaker =).


NIKA – Chief of Nika´s Kind Village 🙂 Mother’s last calf we found, barely a few days old, tied to a chain with a cold wall…
Her “job” is to accept visitors in the village and show them where she best suits her to be rested =).
Pepa – Our dear surprise is part of a beautiful story, where compassion has defeated tradition and has agreed to life with her sister instead in the hips…
Now, with her little sister, he’s happy to shave the earth and soak in a mud bath, if only an opportunity for that =).


Rozi – Our Big pink Happiness is Pepa’s sister, who, with his appealing gaze, standing up on the last two feet, has reached the only possible conclusion of this action-that they are in life, the day before the hips went both with a sister.
Now, every day reminds us of how we must rejoice every single day =).


This is Tinka
Little goat Tinka, at that time without a name, the farmers took away from her far to soon. She was werry small and in bad condition. And there was a threat, that she will end up under a knife. An older lady and kept her alive by feeding on a bottle, and she sawed her from death. She became her favorite and got her name.

Srečo (Lucky), who got lucky

Let me introduce myself first! I’m a goat. Currently old approx 9 months. Of course, as for the Majo nothing new and unusual, at the end of August she found me lost and already fairly almost obnemoglega on the way while walking on one of the nearby mountain Hills. I was a puppy, and I heard I had a little crush on him and I got lost. Nihče ne ve kako, jaz pa sem že čisto pozabil.