Pepin horoscope

Since I’ve had enough of my raisins to finally drink the horoscope for the year, I took the time to announce the good news. In our year, I’m going to take time every week to tell you some cool pig wisdom that you’re going to be happy, happy, and having a home full of goodies. Because if there is a pig’s wisdom, which is my favorite, it is that the food store must always be full! So that Rozi won’t be jealous, and I promised her she could make some advice or two. So I’m inviting you to be with us every week. We are pigs, if you ask us, by nature in all the animal kingdom the most well-being and good-hearted, of course you do not need to tell Niki and the rest of the village inhabitants! That is why this year will be in the sign of good and cardiac action. Otherwise, in Nikini’s friendly village, do we have any other way?

The Element of Zodiac is our favorite – the Earth! So, the more we roll on the ground and jump down the mud puddle, we will have hearts full of joy and gratitude. You can start by tomorrow because the weather is predicted.

The color of the pig year is red. That’s why I told our girls that when we had a normal dinner, the red ones and the peppers would have red apples in the dessert. This will give us all the good fortune and abundance in Nikini’s friendly village, and we recommend you do the same. It will be all for this week, because it is already terribly late and it’s time for our second serving of red apples. Who’s going to deliver them to us this time?