Who is Nika

“My dear Guardian!”

It slowly wipes out my memory of the time I spent with my mom mother, Sestricama sieve and Sara, tied up in a short chain in a gray, stuffy and filthy barn.
From the day I saw myself in the torn-down barn door with the sun-soaked and lacrimal eyes of my petro and Myrtleman, for the first time I felt their gentle desplenation, it happened to me so many interesting and beautiful things that I have to share with you.
My beautiful story began with terrible fears when they first took sieve and Sara from me and mom. I didn’t know where you were going. I soon learned from mom that my friends took them to a beautiful, animal-friendly estate in a fairy tale. Iris sends us photos and stories to the naughty Site every now and then, apparently, very similar to the mischety. Dances like a goat and jumps over a fence like a horse, Hi, hi.
Well, I’m going to go back to the story about mom and me. First, they took off the heavy chains my mother was strapped to in a still. I was confused again because I didn’t know what was going on. Despite the fact that I was immediately behind this, the gentle hands off the garden for me too heavy the chain and pushed me toward the door, scared me paralyzed and I kneoked at my knees. Slowly, step by step I joined Mom on the trailer. My body was shaking and my eyes trembling from fear. I looked back in the empty barn. It’s going to stay that way, and that’s right.
The first time I saw the blue sky and the rays of the sun. Until the arrival of my new home, where I amazed the people on the green lawn when we stopped, I was terrified of squeezing to my mommy. I’ve seen people standing there who have tears in their eyes, like some pearls.
From here on, I became the most fortunate cow in the world. When the trailer door opened and my mommy wasn’t sure to step off her, I couldn’t wait to go after her. For the first time in my life, she could smell and wait for her baby-me. She just got one wet dumpling from me, because my legs just started jumping out of joy. I couldn’t believe my eyes when my mommy started jumping. For the first time in life, after thirteen years of state in the same place! It’s a lucky jump! Wonderful!
After the first sigh of jumping, I did a little digging up our lawn. And they really did do my friends! The wooden home made us, we decide, if we’re going to lie in it, stock, walk just like that, the juicy weed or the eat fresh hay. I found a giant brush on the pillar, even though I like the most when someone with a brush is doing it thoroughly. Mmmmm, under the door. It fits!
Oh, girls are cleaning our little ones. It’s going to have to spice up the happenings. I’ve overturned the whole wheelbarrow. I keep them so much longer with me, my girlfriend. Not only that, so I blackmail the extra goodies they set me away from the barn to keep the peace in front of me at least during the cleaning. Hi, Hi and who is now smart here?
I’m not just smart, I’m very big too. Bigger than my mom’s mom. I have a good appetite and I am an eternal hungry child. I eat a lot of hay, I distort a large part of the meadow, lick the salt, and I’m going to have something to do with parasites. All this is not cheap, I think. I’m quite sure that my girls would be very helpful if you become my godfather at a distance. And I’m going to get in your way and thank you very, very well,
Your Nika

A Video showing how Nika and her mother made the first steps in her life:

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