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Who is Pepa


“Pigs are considered to be very intelligent creatures.” When I think about it, I don’t understand why most of us only see
As food. Me and Rozi used to be food-filling. The farmer made us slaughter.
In a small, gray, concrete barn, I was terrified of being a little pig with my sister.
Rosie. She bought a single reared pig every year in a farmer who slaughtered and cut out before winter. So
It is folded into the freezer and, if necessary, take a piece from it.
I don’t know why, but one day it just occurred to me what the injustice is causing us. The whole family decided
From this day forward, no animals will die. She called to the Society for Protection
The animals of Pomurja and asked if they find me a home, where I will be free and happy to live to natural death.
When I first saw two nice faces on the lawn boards of the barn, I knew my life
Will not end in such a sad way as with other unfortunate Pigsih. I’m not sure I took a
Hind legs. Rozi joined me as soon as I could. With our sad fathers, we’ve been staring at even more
Sad Petrine and Mirjanine’s eyes.
I knew my life would change. And he did. I was scared,
When I had to go to the trailer and got me some very, very, very, very comforting. But all that fear is
When the door of the trailer opened and I first saw the blue sky, around
Self-friendly people who have directed me to a giant paddock with a house in which I was waiting for a bunch of fresh
Straw. I rushed to her right away and made a soft nest for the first time in my life. I couldn’t wait
The first rain that I was cracking down the mud and you did the right thing, a refreshing mud bath.
If I thought of it, we rescued five more animal lives in that
time when Peter and Mirjana first stepped on the farmer’s backyard. I will be so free and grateful
All her life to help save animal life further.
I will also be grateful to the Godfather who will help with their contributions to my care. My caring
The girls will be easier to save lives if they do not have to deal with how to provide enough
Money for my care. And I promise to help them save the lives of animals that live
Hidden eyes.
When you come to me for a visit, I will be very careful not to get you dirty too much and you will not be muddy like a pig hi, hi.

Your Pepa “

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