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Who is Rozi

“My short life at Pepi… was approaching a dreadful ending.” The next day I was dedicated to
Slaughter and food to the farmer who bred me. In life, they say everything happens at the right moment and with
When I was on Peter and Miranda’s arrival, I was climbing the fence together with Pepo and looked at
Their sad eyes, I knew they wouldn’t be able to give me a misfortunes under a knife. Trusting
I left my gentle Christmas and waited for the decision. I felt their sadness.
When Pepo stayed with Peter and Miranda leaving alone, I squeezed myself in like a dance wall and
Waited. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting for. But I know what I wanted.
The next day, when a farmer with a rope and a knife should step into our little place, I’m at the door
Saw two familiar faces. Their looks told me they came for me too. How do I know? On
I didn’t see the sadness in their face.
Sandwiched to my sister Pepi, I have patiently passed on the tractor. I knew I
Saved before slaughter. My pleasure on getting into the huge, with the grass increased the placeholder was immense.
I immediately ran for Pepo, who had already made a nest in a big, open house. We’re having a good-smelling fragrance
Straw and dug on it, put it from the pile to the pile until the soft bed was created. I’m just a little boy
From the house and watched the people who were preparing for our pleasant stay.
Now together with my sister Pepo Rijeve after the soft Earth, the persecution, the carrying of the sticks and the set
Warm sun. The greatest pleasure is the rain when the dirt is made in the ground. It’s a delight
It’s hard to describe.
To enjoy my life with a “full spoon”, I will be very welcome to help my Botrov. Along with Pepo
I will help save animal life. All animals should enjoy freedom and not tremble for their
When you visit me, I will show you how I can enjoy the mud baths and if you want to, I
You can join in them. There will always be plenty of room for you, Hi, hi.

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