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Who is Tinka

Little goat Tinka, at that time without a name, the farmers took away from her far to soon. She was werry small and in bad condition. And there was a threat, that she will end up under a knife. An older lady and kept her alive by feeding on a bottle, and she sawed her from death. She became her favorite and got her name.
When she grew enough to eat alone, she got her place close to a little piggy. There was a non-sociable friendship between them. They spent days and months in common games. They had a nice roses and arranged a place to stay.
But the pigs were not meant to be the life of the loved ones. There was a day in last December, when they took her to the courtyard, completely close to their residence. Tinka heard a friend of her frightened screams when she fought for life. These moments of terror could only be accompanied by a loud cry that has not been quiet for a long time after this sad event.
Sad for losing a friend, she was even more attached to her guardian.
But age brings with him ailments. A long time ago, the lady called us with a desire to save Tinki’s life. She got sick herself, and she couldn’t take care of his Tinko. In Nikini’s friendly village this year, on the first December day, we prepared quite close to Pepe and Rozi, a large, enclosed area with a warm, Postlana house.
Last December, she lost a friend a pig that was slaughtered, and she got two new friends this year. Our wish is that they will be so friends that they will live together in harmony and share their residence <3 If so, we don’t know. This must decide on the same one:)
We want her all well and that will be pleased to live even longevity.