Who is Mama


“During the Christmas Eve, one lady whispered to me a long time ago:” You remind me of old workers.
You look so workedout and humbly. I don’t know what that means. But I do know that I have swollen knees and
Sometimes it is hart to walk. This will probably be from the thirstic state of the hard, humid concrete. Even smaller
I am from my Nike, who was lucky enough to have her girlfriends six months old from there
Along with me.
They all admire my stars on the gcudku. For me, they only mean grief. Each of the nine stars
Reminds me of my children. All nine of them were immediately taken from me, handcuffed to the wall
So I could only see them. I know they wanted to squeeze in with me, I would love them with my tongue and
Nursed. Every mommy knows what it means to squeeze a child and screw it up, watch it
Relish her milk. It was all taken away from me because the farmer wanted me only new heifers and
Their milk.
When the sieve and Sara took off, my grief was depressed. Until then, at least I saw them chained to me. Dreaded
I had to have the same fate as the rest of my children.
Now I know that you are happy and free among the many rescued animals on the property of a fairy tale.
My life, with a departure with Niko from a stuck barn, also turned into a real fairytale. Still
I don’t know where I got the strength for the first lucky jumps on arrival on the Green lawn. Glass
I got to my Nike, I first smelled it, gave her a kiss on her moist little mouth and relieved her.
The wooden barn only gives us shelter, and it’s not our prison. There is always a soft roses with a dry straw and when
I’m just listening to the sad way out of the distance. How much I wish that my
Our peers live like our own. All around us are friendly faces, hands touching us
To keep us out of the mix. The first suspicion is gone, and every man I look forward to
Long: «Muuuuuuuuuuuu and I thank him and greet.
Now that you know my story, I wish I could help with the Godfather, and you for my care of my
Heart girls to be easier to hide for me. The past life has resulted in the consequences of
are here.
I will be very happy to visit you, too, and I will show you my Green kingdom.

Your Mama “

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